Iyak ni Bunso

November 12, 2008 at 11:49 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday, while I was having an afternoon cup of mocha, I received a text message from my youngest daughter Lian asking me to log in to Skype. This is our way of communication, aside from sms and phone call.

As always, I immediately logged in and initiated the call. I asked her to turn on her web cam and after a few seconds, she was on the screen. She gave me a sweet smile and then grinned. My little girl has grown up so fast, I said to my self. Ang dami kong na-miss sa childhood niya. Living far away from them took away a lot of quality moments I could have shared with them. When I was in ‘Pinas, we bond a lot. We go to the mall to watch a movie or just pig out on pizza. Aww… I miss our bonding moments so much.

Anyway, not long after she turned on her cam, I got surprised because she started to cry. The smile she gave me earlier turned into a bitter-sweet cry. I asked her why, but she just kept on crying and began to murmur. I tried to understand every word she was saying and I realized that she’s saying “I love you” and “I miss you so much” repeatedly. Gee, It broke my heart! Muntik na rin akong mapaiyak. She felt really bad that I was left here in Singapore all alone (my husband is currently in the Philippines for some business trip). She said she couldn’t wait for December to see me again.  She couldn’t stop from crying even when I was comforting her. So I decided to ended up our conversation and called my husband up so he could explain things to her when suddenly I received a text message again from her. Her message was, “Di ka man lang nagpaalam sa akin kahit saglit lang“. Yeah right! How insensitive I was to hung up without saying goodbye to her? Anong magagawa ko? Hindi ko lang talaga matagalan na makita siyang umiiyak. I feel guilty for leaving them. If they only knew how much I wanted to be with them. Without a second thought, I called her on the phone and said sorry. I told her that I love her too and I miss them so much but it breaks my heart whenever I see her cry. I assured that it won’t be long and we’ll see each other again. She stopped crying.


Moments like these are the most afflictive to both parents and children. When parents have to leave their kids to secure them a better future, children are the ones who suffer most. Emotionally and psychologically. And the longer we stay apart from them, the bigger the chance that they’d grow up with unhealthy attitude. I don’t want that to happen to my kids that’s why we are pushing hard to bring them here. At least dito, we’re all together and we can look after them.

Hay, I wish I can fast forward the time so I can be with them na. I’m leaving for ‘Pinas on the 1st of December and I’m really excited! Looking forward to being with my kids again! 🙂


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